Monday, April 04, 2011

Action-Packed Monday Night

I'm on the radio tonight, opposite the NCAA college basketball championship. I'm not much of a college hoops fan, but I try to catch the final because it's usually a pretty good game. I suggest watching with the audio muted and KUVO on the speakers.

If that wasn't enough conflict, my dear friend Andy Chaikin will be appearing on The Colbert Report during my last half-hour (Mountain Time, anyway) to discuss his book, A Passion for Mars. Through the miracle of technology, I'll get to watch that after I sign off.

I'm planning on playing many of my favorite baseball songs to celebrate the new season.  Here's the skinny:

Monday, April 4
7 - 10 pm, Mountain
9 pm - midnight, Eastern
6 - 9 pm, Pacific
I'm at the usual spots:
jazz89 KUVO 89.3 FM Denver, 89.7 Breckenridge, KVJZ 88.5 Vail, and streaming online at

Follow me on Twitter. I schedule a tweet to post as I go on the air, so if you're always meaning to listen but often forget, this serves as a great real-time reminder.


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