Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'll Be Fundraising Tonight - Won't You Please Help?


KUVO -- my radio home -- is in the midst of its annual Spring Membership Drive. I've been asked to come in and help with the festivities, so I'll be on the air tonight, Tuesday, May 19 -- not doing my usual music show, but acting as a "pledge buddy" on the regular host's program.

The only way community radio stays on the air is through the support of the people who listen and care enough to pony up a bit. If you'd be so inclined, I'd be extremely grateful.

KUVO has many levels of membership, and they're offering several swell "thank you" gifts (check 'em out at http://www.kuvo.org). And no donation is too small.

I've volunteered in community radio for over 22 years. If you've had occasion to enjoy even a few minutes of my air time, or if you enjoy KUVO in general, this evening would be an ideal time to show your appreciation with your credit card.

Your pledge is welcome any time, but it would be especially meaningful to me if you called in or pledged online during my slot:

7 - 8 pm, Mountain
9 - 10 pm, Eastern
6 - 7 pm, Pacific



Per usual, KUVO, 89.3 FM Denver, or listen online at http://www.kuvo.org.

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